Ultra-light and heat-resistant hair brushes

For optimum results, accessories are very important – on par with hairdryers and styling irons. Those made by Elchim have been designed for a high level of performance, with materials resistant to heat, so you can easily obtain the look you want in half the time. Elchim brushes and diffusers are a “must have”, the true secret to hair that’s even more beautiful and healthy. Elchim brushes are made in ultra-light, heat-resistant materials. They include the most advanced technology and materials on the market to protect hair health, such as ceramic titanium oxide. These indispensable tools are the ideal complement to Elchim hairdryers and are ideal for creating fantastic looks. Available in three diameters for use with a hairdryer, Elchim round thermal brushes are equipped with special nylon bristles which hold the hair, and aid in the execution of styling and amplifying the effects of the dryer in closing the cuticles. On the other hand, the flat paddle brush is perfect for fringe or for long or medium hair, and can be used to untangle the ends to avoid the creation of static electricity charges and to add shine. It’s also ideal when used for pre-drying with the hairdryer, in order to eliminate most of the water..

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Two-in-one Cocoon diffuser

The two-in-one Cocoon diffuser is made in Italy in three versions specifically for Elchim hairdryers (the 2001/Milano, 3900/Light/8thSense, and 3800 models) and comes in light materials, highly resistant to high temperatures and impact. It consists of two overlapping grids. One is for creating more natural, relaxed looks, while the second, flat grid, gently dries without moving the hair for the final touches. In addition, the two-in-one Cocoon diffuser is beautiful to look at thanks to its design; it harmoniously blends with the lines of Elchim hairdryers and remains solidly attached even after impact or if dropped.